Snowed In


It is officially our third day in a row to be snowed in.
And surprisingly enough… I’m LOVING it!
The past few days have been filled with hot cocoa, Christmas movies,
time cuddling by the fireplace talking, preparing for our upcoming change,
and lots of time in the Word!
What a blessing to be stuck inside
{And the view isn’t bad either 😉 }
And because the weather will stay around the freezing mark for the next couple days,
it looks like we may be here a while.

What would you do if you were snowed in?
Any fun suggestions?

snow day again!!snowing

Snow day 1 ices

snow day 2

{yes, our neighbor snowboarded down our baby texas hills}

{yes, our neighbor snowboarded down our baby texas hills}

Snow day 3

{how did i get so blessed?}

snow day 4

{christmas mug from my dads fraternity at university of california} {christmas mug from my dads fraternity at university of southern california}

Yes, we are embracing the snow with open arms 🙂


Tis the Season



It’s the hap… happiest season of all!
I love Christmas time.
The joy
the cheer
the love
& most of all,
celebrating the birth of Jesus!
Sure, that may sound cliche
but it’s true.

As much as I love the joy this season brings,
it doesn’t come close to the joy & freedom
you can find from knowing & following

So this month I will have a little extra skip to my step.
Life is good.
And because of the birth of Jesus,
we have hope!

Happy holidays!!


p.s. I will be missing a little more than normal on the blog this month.
Just finishing up some end of the year tasks and
embracing the love & joy around us!


Shop for a Cause


Anyone else LOVING this holiday season? Normally, I’m one of those people who waits until after Thanksgiving to even think about Christmas. But this year I am letting a little bit of Christmas cheer slip in early. One of the reasons I am letting Christmas start a little bit early is because I am so excited about the “Shop for a Cause” event hosted by Kiki La Rue & The Shine Project.  Together these two companies are throwing an amazing Holiday Party in Southlake, TX. They will be having a large warehouse sale and will be donating a huge portion of the proceeds to The Shine Project’s scholarship fund. This scholarship fund gives college scholarships to inner city American youth. The Shine Project also employs inner city youth to hand make bracelets so that they may continue to pay their way through college after their scholarship money runs out.

So now we have a chance to get started on our holiday shopping and give back at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me! 🙂 Who doesn’t like supporting a cause?

 Ashley from the Shine Project also told me there is even going to be a fun red carpet, food, drinks, and music… and some fun Dallas bloggers there!!! I hope to see you there!