Life of Charmings

Happy Hump day! Can you believe we are already half way through the week? Today I want to introduce you to Brittany from Life of Charmings! If you haven’t visited her blog yet you must! You will love following her adventures with her precious little one, her beautiful photos, and everything she has to share. ūüôā


hello there, friends of sweet chloe!! my name is brittany¬†and i¬†have a little blog of my own called life of charmings, and i¬†am so excited to be sharing here on chloe’s beautiful blog today!!

i¬†feel like i’m¬†naturally a pretty happy girl, and my life has been so very blessed in so many ways! but i¬†also think that living happily and finding joy in even the smallest things is a choice, and it’s a decision that i¬†try to make every day. we all have our bad days, [oh, do we ever!] but i¬†believe that when we do our best to put thankfulness first every day, we receive the greatest of blessings! i want to choose joy. i¬†want to find it in the little things as well as the big! and the beauty of that decision is that soon enough what you practice becomes second nature, and waking up in the morning gets better every with every new day. so, in the spirit of blessings and thankfulness, here are 5 little things that i am endlessly grateful for.
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1. my family.¬† my whole family, always, but specifically a handsome husband and a baby girl that¬†keep me constantly smiling! and okay, okay, this is not so much a little thing, it’s actually pretty major ūüėČ i¬†married my prince charming at 21, and we had our tiny lady just last year! it has certainly not always been easy, but it has always turned out to be wonderful. i¬†am amazed at these two blessings day in and day out, and every night i¬†start my prayers by thanking God for these two. and if i’m¬†really tired, that’s sometimes as far as i get! haha!
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2. chocolate chip cookie dough.¬†well, okay. chocolate chip cookies are my weakness. but what’s better than that? oh my gosh, cookie dough! in general, i¬†think sugar is the devil, but that’s another subject for another day, and really, there’s just aaalways room in my tummy for chocolate chip cookies and especially their uncooked dough.
Inline image 3
3. nature.¬†give me a golden sunset, a pretty blossom, a roaring ocean… that’s where God speaks to me the most! i¬†am in awe of His creation. it’s my favorite thing. i¬†should also add here that i¬†am especially thankful for things He creates in a shade of pink. pink, it’s my fav-o-rite¬†color! [aerosmith totally said it best.]
Inline image 4
4. coffee!!!! i am totally a night owl, and i have to believe that God made coffee beans with us crazy little night owls in mind! because seriously, mornings are hard. i mean, so hard! love my coffee. hallelujah.
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5. horses. i feel more and more blessed every day by the fact that my parents gave me the incredible gift of the equestrian life growing up. not every little girl gets her dream of having a pony, but i got my horse at age 10 and he taught me more about life and responsibility and patience and communication than anything else ever could have. horses are such fascinating creatures, so large and majestic, but peaceful and so tenderhearted. when i look out at a pasture of horses, gosh, i feel nothing but joy. and peace. and i hope with everything in me that this is something i get to pass on to my own babes!
well, thank you, again, so so much for having me, chloe!! it’s truly an honor! ūüôā

3 thoughts on “Life of Charmings

  1. thanks so much again, chloe!!! you are a sweetheart!! i am just now seeing that this was posted!! such an honor!! [also the photos are not showing for me, but maybe that’s just my browser!! weird!! but just thought i’d mention it :)] xoxoxo!

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