Cultivating Thanks by Katie of Hope Engaged

Happy hump day! Ladies and gentlemen, today I get to introduce you to one of the most inspiring women I have met in the past 6 months. There are few individuals in the world who have as beautiful and as pure of a heart as Mrs Katie. The Lord has blessed her with an incredible story, crazy adventures, and out of this world passion. If you haven’t visited her site yet, you must! I can almost guarantee you will become a regular follower! So without further ado, meet my sweet friend Katie of Hope Engaged

Hello sweet friends, I’m Katie and I am so thankful to get to guest post on Chloé’s blog today.

A lot has happened this past year for me.

{besides moving to Nepal, and traveling through Europe and SE Asia…}

I was also dealing with the remnants of some anxiety and fear,

unable to count my blessings.

And yet, through my journey this past year,

I realized that a life saturated and soaked and daily bathed

in thanksgiving is what gives us a



more peaceful


And so I began to pray that God would cultivate a movement of thanksgiving

and gratitude in my feeble soul.

That it would be like fire and began to blaze uncontrollably.

It started with believing that God was good all.the.time,

because honestly Satan’s biggest lie is that God is not good.

and through a shift in my thinking,

peace came,

because ingratitude slowly began to fade away.

and I began to literally count my blessings in a pretty notebook.

it has become a love letter to God,

because he delights in our thanksgiving.

and it has been a life saver to me,

because gratitude is how we were made to thrive.

fully ALIVE. 

So I am incredibly thankful

for a life that has been changed

through lifting my hands in praise for my blessings,

instead of clenching my fists in discontentment.

Happy thanksgiving day has truly become every day!

much love,



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