1000 Gifts

1000 gifts

1000 gifts 2

{wedding photo Scott Cotton Photography :: anniversary photo Ashley Lauren Photography}

Happy November! November is easily one of my favorite months. What’s not to love about getting together with family, focusing on blessings, and celebrating life! {And it is my dad’s birthday month!} For as long as I can remember my dad has embedded in me that it is important to focus on my blessings. He even included it in my family’s acronym {visit it here}. And this month we get to all focus on our blessings.

In honor of Thanksgiving I reached out to a few of my favorite bloggers and asked them to share a little bit about Jesus and the blessings in their lives. Their posts will appear sporadically between now and Thanksgiving. And trust me, you won’t want to miss their encouraging words!

A few days ago my husband and I were sitting on our back porch, eating dinner, and talking about Jesus. His hand has been so apparent in our lives- especially lately. As we began talking about the blessings He has given us I began thinking about Ann Voskamp’s  book ‘1000 Gifts.’    {If you haven’t read it, you must!} Voskamp reminds us that,

“giving thanks is what gets you joy.”

{tweet that}

We must learn to embrace our daily blessings- the big and the small. Later that evening I began my own list of 1,000 gifts. While it is nowhere near complete, it is a beautiful start. And I will continue adding to my list until I reach 1,000! {If you have your own list of 1,000 gifts please share your link below or email it to me! I would love to read the blessings the Lord has given you and will share a link to your list at the end of this post!} Continue checking back to see what our guest bloggers have to say! Their posts will appear midweek.

And so we begin…

  1. my husbands smile
  2. the way my husband can make me laugh any time/anywhere
  3. warm sun shining on your face
  4. light bulb moments
  5. bible studies
  6. salt water
  7. salt air
  8. sand between my toes
  9. okay, anything beach related
  10. sunrises/sunsets
  11. finding the perfect bible verse at the exact moment you need it
  12. adventures
  13. fresh flowers
  14. making new friends
  15. experiencing Christ in & through others
  16. blog friends {who knew the internet could form such community?}
  17. s’mores {especially when made from a beach fire pit in SoCal with family/friends}
  18. words that speak directly to my soul
  19. the sound of rain
  20. thunderstorms
  21. overcast days
  22. hearing someone’s testimony
  23. black coffee {or espressos}
  24. tea {specifically green tea}
  25. humidity {yes, i love it!}
  26. laughing till i cry
  27. spending time with people who inspire me
  28. shades of blue
  29. celebrating {celebrating anything and everything. each day is a gift}
  30. traveling
  31. inspiring places
  32. experiencing different cultures
  33. clean sheets
  34. hearing my husband pray
  35. great advice
  36. walking hand in hand with my man {especially on our evening walks}
  37. health
  38. bright colors
  39. white
  40. deep conversations
  41. chilled champagne
  42.  good beer/wine {especially with my family/friends}
  43. fresh fruit
  44. accountability
  45. love notes from my man
  46. candles
  47. prayer journals
  48. beautiful art {of any kind}
  49. worship music
  50. coffee dates {with friends, family, husband, strangers, whoever}
  51. trying something new
  52. inspiring quotes
  53. volunteering for a cause i believe in
  54. snail mail
  55. a good movie
  56. my husbands passion
  57. saturdays
  58. our home group {the village church’s name for ‘bible study’}
  59. beautiful photos
  60. getting in bed by 10pm
  61. encouraging words {verbal, text, snail mail…}
  62. more Jesus
  63. less me
  64. seeing others fulfill their dreams & passions
  65. fresh juice {especially home juiced greens… but really}
  66. naps with my husband {especially on rainy days}
  67. fresh cut grass
  68. visiting family
  69. meeting individuals with a servants heart
  70. tex-mex {yes, it is different and so good}
  71. nail polish
  72. 80 degree days
  73. my moms homemade chocolate chip cookies
  74. beautiful invitations
  75. dinners outside
  76. restaurants with great patios & views
  77. Snowboarding {especially with family and my man}
  78. dancing with my husband {randomly, anytime/anywhere we feel like it}
  79. frolicking
  80. big dreams
  81. swimming
  82. yoga
  83. listening to other languages
  84. our weekly questions
  85. apps that let me keep connected with friends in other countries
  86. homemade pizza {especially when we use our outdoor pizza kitchen}
  87. boat rides
  88. bike rides
  89. God winks
  90. making messes & treats in the kitchen
  91. Bible studies
  92. adventures
  93. marriages based on Jesus



8 thoughts on “1000 Gifts

  1. I have to say some of the blessing you listed are some of the same that I would list! Bible studies with some lovely ladies, hubbies smile, yoga, husbands passion. Oh so many!

  2. I haven’t read Ann Voskamp’s book yet, but I’ve been dying to do so ever since it came out. A couple months ago I started a private Hope Group with friends I met while blogging, and just yesterday we started counting our blessings together to share and hold each other accountable for gratitude. We’re only one day in and it’s already beautiful. Gratitude changes so much. Also, I love your dad’s family mantra! It’s seriously inspiring me to come up with one for us… Be blessed!

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