God Winks



What is a ‘God Wink?’ Prior to my dad’s visit a couple of week ago I had never heard of this either. But after a weekend of sharing ‘God Wink’ moments with my dad and husband, I am now noticing them everywhere. A ‘God Wink’ is simply one of the many extraordinary little “coincidences” in life ordained by God. They happen to everyone, but not everyone takes the time to notice them. {Squire Rushnell writes an awesome book about God Winks which I highly recommend!}

This weekend I am experiencing a ‘God Wink.’ I am an introvert, but I hate being home alone for multiple days {kind of backwards, I know}. Well, this weekend I decided to stay home to work on grad school and our upcoming project {which I cannot wait to share with you guys!!}  while my husband flies to North Carolina to be in a wedding. Silly me- what the heck was I thinking being home alone all weekend?! And here comes the God Wink. A few of my girlfriends came down to stay with me for the OU/TX game! Could the timing have been any better? I just love God Winks- don’t you? 🙂

Have you had any God Wink’s recently?



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