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AB0Good morning! Today’s post has been a long time coming. I’ve introduced you all to Ashley of Ashley Lauren Photography a few times before, but this girl is just too sweet to not share more about her! Earlier this year we celebrated our “per sempre” day with her {and got some incredible photos!! thank you ashley!} and now she is less than one month away from her wedding day! So without further ado, here are some photos of these two love birds and a little glimpse into the heart of the soon-to-be Mrs:
{visit the Ashley Lauren Photography website here}

{photography by Ryan Price Photography}
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yes, the q&a below is long
but trust me…
you don’t want to miss even the slightest bit of this girls heart

BB: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Ashley: Organized, Dreamer, Structured

What got you into photography?

Ashley: During my freshman year in college a dear friend of mine was getting married and asked me to shoot her bridals. At the time, I had never imagined making photography into a small business because I had always photographed things as a hobby. From her photos I continually had more people inquire about all kinds of photos and Ashley Lauren Photograph slowly shaped into what it is today.

BB: What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

Ashley: I really love meeting new clients. A photo session really can be a bit stressful when children are involved. My favorite part is meeting families, hearing their stories, and discovering what makes them unique. My goal by the end of each session is for clients to feel great about themselves and be full of joy from having a good time.

BB: What inspires your photography?

Ashley: Actually, other photographers. I really enjoy following blogs and my handful of friends that are extremely talented photographers. They really are awesome! I love following to see how they are working with their clients and so I can add my ideas to when I shoot and make the photos unique.

BB:  How do you see God through your photography?

Ashley: As Genesis 1 and Psalm 39 state “we are created in the image of God” and are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. There is no better picture for me of Gods attention to detail and unfailing love, in the uniqueness I experience when working with parents, kids, engaged couples, seniors, grandparents, etc. It is such a beautiful thing…it really leaves me speechless sometimes because when I just stop and think, we are all his people, he delights in all of us, and he is using the gifts he uniquely designed in me as connecting piece to serve and capture generations of people.

BB: What is your favorite part about photographing weddings?

Ashley: This is a tough one, I love people in love. Such a sweet moment for me is the 1 or 2 seconds of emotion when a groom catches the first glance of his bride. A bit cliché but for me…..In that moment, I think about how marriage is our picture of Christ’s relationship with the church. We are his bride, which makes me wonder and imagine that our Heavenly Father most likely looks over us each day with the same culmination of emotions: delight, compassion, awe of beauty, a heart of protection, excitement, and a love without borders. As I think through those things, it just makes it a sweet moment for me.

BB: Any specific part of the wedding you like best?

Ashley: I really love the pre ceremony moments. I think because these are the moments that are quickly forgotten and really piece together to create a story when looking back through all the images. I also am a very detail minded person and you really are able to capture details in this time!

BB: If you could do a photoshoot one place in the world where would it be?

Ashley: …wherever we could get children from all nations in one place. I love photographing the joy of a child. I have always dreamed of have one big photo, children laughing, vibrant with color, showing “the children of the world”.

BB: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Ashley: Probably, back to Africa. Since my visit to Uganda, I just left a piece of my heart there. I love so many things about Africa and would jump at any opportunity to go back.

BB: Do you have a bucket list- is so what is on it?

Ashley: I do! A few of them include: I would love to learn how to play guitar, visit all seven continents, learn how to snowboard, have a wedding of mine featured on a wedding/photography blog, adopt internationally.

BB: What is next for you?

Ashley:  Hummm, what is next? I would really love to travel the World and do PR for nonprofit organizations that are doing great things!

BB: How do you spend your free time?

Ashley: I love reading a great new book, painting, or finding new ways to organize.  

BB: Who has had the biggest influence in your life/who is your role model?

Ashley: My “Nanny: (Dad’s Mom) has been a big influence on my life. My “PaPa” passed away when I was young and for many years she was a great example of gracious love, hard work, and strength. She was a wonderful teacher and very passionate about her students. It was very influential to me to see her care and give to her students for so many years.

BB: How did you meet your handsome beau? When did you know he was the one? How did he propose?

Ashley: Well…Brent and I’s story always makes me giggle. I hadn’t really dated for a few years and a sweet friend of mine mentioned a guy (Brent) that she thought would be a great guy for me. So, she showed me his Facebook page and I quickly agreed that I thought he was cute and would be open to meeting him. However, the process to meet seemed to be a little difficult because she really only knew him through other friends. I quickly gave up on the idea, feeling it was going to be too much trouble. Five Months later I happened to run into a handsome and kind guy at the gym…after a week or so we introduced ourselves and I realized “Brent” was the same one my friend had shown me months before. And well….the rest leads to his proposal.

After almost two years of dating Brent proposed on January 5th. We had just returned from volunteering for Passion Conference in Atlanta and celebrating an Aggie win at the Cotton Bowl. During some point in our dating I mentioned that if he ever proposed I didn’t want a lot of people and for our families to be together to see soon after. He managed to cater to both! Near my parents’ house is a park and walking path that I just love. It is a special place to me because I enjoyed running, walking, and just sitting to have a quiet time every now and then. We had never been there together but he knew it was a special place for me. Our families had planned to meet up for dinner that evening but he asked if we could drive separately, so we did. On our way he was persistent that we stop and see “this park” I had always talked about. I being the scheduler made it a bit difficult saying we didn’t have time. We stopped of course and I quickly showed him the walking trail but was caught off guard when he handed a Journal to me…a bit of history. During our first year of dating, I wrote about all of our dates, things I loved, added pictures and tickets just hoping to have a memory of them all. It worked out well when I moved away at the end of our first year because I gave it to him as a gift. As part of the proposal he started one on January 1 for our new journey together…I stood there reading through each page and on January 5th ended with “Now, I have a very important question?” When I looked up, he was down on one knee with a very important question. I said “yes” and it was such a sweet day!

I am truly delighted that the Lord was gracious in his timing and preparation of our hearts to be together! When I think about calling him my husband after our wedding and spending the rest of my life on a journey with him….it is just such a blessing!

BB: Tell us a little about your wedding & wedding planning. What will your big day be like?

Ashley: I hope a word people use when describing our wedding will be classy. Design wise I’m using navy, gold, grey, ivory and touches of pink with mercury glass. I’m very excited to see all my ideas come to life. We are very excited about the reception…Brent loves dancing! The ceremony is definitely the most important thing to Brent and me. We hope that it will be unique and share the Gospel with our guests.

BB: What would your dream day look like? (no restrictions- can be as realistic or as unrealistic as you please)

Ashley: On a beach somewhere just relaxing and reading

BB: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Ashley: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

I naturally tend to be anxious about situations and love this verse because it reminds me that I should have faith over anxiety. Also, in all things we should be thankful.

BB: Favorite book or author?

Ashley: Unglued by Lysa Turkurst

Don’t you just want to be her best friend? Goodness I love our sponsors!!



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