Scavenger Hunts & Pretty Papers


Words can hardly explain how full my heart is right now. This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our first year of marriage!! {I am still in complete shock that it has already been a year!} As many of you may know, each year of marriage has a specific gift theme. Year one is paper. I seriously struggled with this one. We have enough décor so I didn’t want to have something made {or make something} to hang. No gift seemed good enough. My husband on the other hand, knew the perfect gift! Even Pinterest didn’t give me this idea!

The morning began with a letter from my husband inviting me on a ‘walk down memory lane.’ {For those of you who don’t know, our first ‘date’ was a morning walk while working at a kamp– yes with a ‘k.’}  On the scavenger hunt he brought us back to memories from when we first met and brought us forward to some of our future plans. He used everything from pictures, letters, items from the past, gifts, streamers, gondolas, Eiffel Towers, and more- how awesome is he? It was seriously incredible. {Who knew you could take a trip to Paris, Italy, London, & Dallas all in a 24 hour period? 😉 } By the end of the scavenger hunt we found ourselves back in our kitchen with a picnic basket full of goodies for our getaway, packed bags, and a few gifts left to be opened. {More on our getaway later}

As if the scavenger hunt and sweet little notes along the way didn’t fulfill the ‘paper’ gift enough, he also had beautiful custom monogram cards made for me! {The picture really doesn’t do them justice}. He even included wax and a letter ‘A’ stamp to seal the envelopes with. The gift could not have been more perfect- specifically because I love snail mail and writing letters. I seriously write at least a letter a week. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love receiving a goodie in the mail?! I know I do!

Best. Idea. Ever!! I would recommend this idea to anyone!

{I didn't realize how poorly my pictures turned out until I started looking through them... These don't do his hard work justice}

{I didn’t realize how poorly my pictures turned out until I started looking through them… These don’t do his hard work justice. He pulled out a ton of details from our wedding day!}



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