Anniversary Trip

Happy Thursday! A couple of weeks ago my husband and I snuck away for a long weekend in NYC. While my parents do live there, they were actually in Hershey, Pennsylvania for most of the time we were there- but we did get to spend one day with them!

My husband and I had been trying to come up with something fun to do for our anniversary and realized NY would be an exciting trip. After some talking we decided to head out to the city earlier than our anniversary so my husband could experience NYC in the summer- the true summer. It was so much fun to explore the city hand-in-hand with my best friend. Here is a little glimpse into our long weekend.

Any suggestions for our next trip to the city?
It looks like we might head out for Thanksgiving!

nyc nyc4

nyc1 nyc9nyc2 nyc12

nyc5 nyc10nyc3nyc11

nyc6 nyc7nyc8bbblog-signature2[1]


7 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip

  1. I love the pictures. I looks like y’all had the perfect weekend getaway! It makes me happy to see other young people in love who are promoting the joys of marriage. If only everyone could see what a wonderful blessing marriage is. Happy first year to you both, with a life full of happiness to come.

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