Season of Waiting

Over the past month or so my Husband and I have been in a season of waiting. As a planner and goal setter, this has been especially difficult. But the Lord has been using my study on Ruth to help calm my anxious heart.

While reading through Ruth I have watched Ruth wait to see fruit or direction in her life. After months of hard work she is given some direction and after taking the initiative she is led to another season of waiting. But her story also teaches that even while she is waiting and it seems as thought nothing is happening, God is still working.

In this season of waiting my Husband and I are still setting goals, still working towards these goals, and continuing to wait on further directions from the Lord.  What do you do in your times of waiting?



4 thoughts on “Season of Waiting

  1. I love this! I love that your super real! It also pretty awesome to know that others go through the same things I do. I’ve kind of been at the point lately preparing for nursing school. I’m not in yet but I’m getting closer and closer. For a while it was just me getting classes done and not really seeing anything new from the Lord. However in waiting and praying, just relying on him… he has actually provided so much. We don’t always see it right away when we want to BUT he is working the whole time. We serve such a GREAT God, who is our ultimate protector. He has our best interest at heart and he will not lead us in the wrong direction. Thanks so much for your post!!

  2. So needed this post! While I’m waiting as I am now, I reach out to my support network and like you, I continue to make goals but best of all, I talk to God. He always calms me and tells me to focus on the present not what could be 🙂

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