Worth It


I love this. As some of you may know, in April my husband and I completed the Kanakuk Institute and moved back to Dallas. We moved back knowing that the Lord has big plans for us… we were just unsure of what those plans were. We began praying for direction and full time jobs. As a planner this ‘waiting game’ was quite hard on me. But I knew that God is good and so is His timing. While the Lord always answers my prayers, He doesn’t usually do it in the way that I expect. This time however, He did. In May I got an email from a company that I did not even finish the application for. While I have only been with the company for one month, I already love everything about it! They were even awarded one of the best companies to work for. My boss encourages each of the employers to be the best they can and to achieve their goals. She inspires us to grow personally and helps us to achieve our goals. The image above is our companies mission statement. I thought it was too good not to share with each of you!  Let’s work hard to build things in your life that are worth the effort.

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9 thoughts on “Worth It

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  2. This is awesome. Looks like a great company! Excited to Make it Happen and start/own my own company that is worth it!

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