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Life is beautiful. The past few weeks my heart has been filled with joy and love. My heart is happy and my cup is filled. Life has been extremely busy and a bit chaotic, but God is good. Today this verse from 1 Peter really spoke to me. Just like the grass, all the things of this earth will wither away. But the Lord endures forever. Whatever blessings or hardships, joys or struggles you may be going through- they will pass. But the Lord will remain the same.

Thanks to Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts” I now try to mentally (or if I am around a pen & paper or my iPhone) make a list of a few of my blessings to remind me to be thankful. We are blessed, regardless of our current circumstances. What are 2 things you are thankful for?

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6 thoughts on “Grass & Flowers

  1. This is such a GREAT verse! I have also been majorly blessed these past few weeks. I’ve been doing a study in David and just realizing not matter what God is my source. David continually cried out to the Lord and he was majorly blessed because of it. He literally brought everything to him. It’s such a great example for how we should do things in our own lives.
    My friend the other day sent me this little nugget of goodness, “Keep your eyes open for opportunities the Lord might have for you.” I keep reminding myself of this statement. We serve such a great God. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Sounds like you are going through an incredible study! Is it a specific book you are going through or with a group? David was an incredible man. And I love that we so clearly see his faults too.

      Great little nugget from your friend! We have hundreds of opportunities to share Him with others each day… it is our choice to recognize them or not. A girlfriend of mine believes that if she talks with an individual for more than 5 minutes then she must bring up Christ- no matter who, no matter when. Talk about bold! Be blessed love!

      • It’s Beth Moore’s study on David. A 90 study and I’m just doing it myself. I LOVE it but anything by Beth Moore makes my heart happy.

        I’m super challenged by your friend! I think that’s something we should all do and I think that I’m going to try and hold myself to that standard as well, thanks for sharing that!

  2. My 74 year old father accepted Christ on Monday. My husband was the one that gave him the invitation. What an awesome & faithful God we serve. He keeps His promises!!

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