Recovering Childlike Notions of Grandeur


My little brother isn’t so little

My younger brother makes it a goal to try something new every day.  He constantly asks, “When is the last time you had a first time?” (Sound familiar from here?) For him this “new thing” can range from trying a new route home, trying a new recipe, trying a new hobby, or going somewhere new. Big, small, it doesn’t matter.  I love trying new things. But I have always made it my goal to try only one thing new a month (not quite as ambitious as my brother… maybe until now that is).

The only reason I had set this goal for myself was because I enjoy the thrill of trying something new and I enjoy broadening my horizons. I have always loved traveling, experiencing new cultures, and trying things a little out of my comfort zone. (What better way is there to grow?)

A few days ago, after having a discussion with my brother about trying something new I hopped in bed and began reading more of Jon Acuff’s “Start.” And of course, the Lord used it to speak to me. Acuff began by talking about Michael Jordan and how when he didn’t make the varsity basketball team in high school he was probably told that he would never make it to the NBA. He continued by talking about how as young children we have such large dreams and aspirations- and we actually believe we can achieve them. Then as time continues we let doubt hinder our belief that we can achieve those goals. Well I want to get back that right-brain way of thinking. I want to return to trying new things daily and return to believing in big dreams. Below is an excerpt from Acuff’s book.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

A few first times- sail fishing in Costa Rica :: teaching the Husband to snow board in Salt Lake City :: Paddle Boarding in Rincón, Puerto Rico

A few first times- sail fishing in Costa Rica :: teaching the Husband to snow board in Salt Lake City :: Paddle Boarding in Rincón, Puerto Rico

“Maybe your mom never told you that your dream was too big, but chances are you’ve been telling yourself that for years- maybe decades. The way your brain developed certainly hasn’t helped the cause.

When you were young, your right hemisphere or “right brain” was in full force. It was the guy in charge, and it was the part of your brain that embraced curiosity and adventure and was constantly unafraid to as ‘Why’ and ‘Why not?’ Your brain was this way when you were a child because you were learning at a rapid clip. You were learning language and the laws of physics and the elements of balance you had to be unguarded so you could absorb everything- even some pain here and there- so you would know how to thrive in this land called life-outside-the-womb.

But as you grew older, the other hemisphere, the “left brain” began to gain a voice. It began to say things like, “That’s impossible,” or, “They will laugh at you,” or “Don’t be foolish.” Your left-brain plays an important role in your thinking because it is the voice that teaches you to not touch that hot stove or jump off the tip stair like you are a superhero. Unfortunately, it can also make a very logical and compelling argument that what it says is final. As we grew up, most of us came to believe the left-brain’s assertions, and as a result we lost the sense that awesome was around the corner. Instead, we started to believe that awesome was not in the cards for us or that it was illogical or simply “childish.”

The good news is we can recover those childlike notions of grandeur. But it takes more than simply acting like a child again. You know some things as an adult that you couldn’t have known as a child. And you possess some skills that no child can develop.” 

So what is something new you can try today?
Any fun suggestions? 
I’d love to hear your ideas so we can all share!

I would love learn to sail this, cross some items off of this list, and so much more!

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5 thoughts on “Recovering Childlike Notions of Grandeur

  1. I absolutely loved your post! Thank you for reading my page, so I could find yours. What a wonderful blessing to my day!
    Bless you

    • It’s really fun and does get your mind going. I tried Zumba for the first time, took a painting class (first one since I was 6 or 7), tried new recipes, traveled to new places, tried paddle board yoga, and other things like that. After a few times you will start making a list when you come up with ideas- literally I have one on my phone! Let me know what you try 😉 be blessed!

  2. I tried paddle boarding on a surfboard. Didn’t work out so well but the water was refreshing just the same. It’s all good.

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