Abounding Love

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We are officially in wedding season! Anyone else feel as though every weekend another friend is getting married? I love this time of the year. The flowers, the dresses, the dancing… There are so many beautiful things about a wedding. While I do love ever part of a wedding, the ceremony is easily my favorite part. There are few things more beautiful then watching a man and a woman stand before their family, friends, and Heavenly Father and commit their lives to one another. As my Husband and I began preparing for our big day he picked a Bible verse that he believed represented us. He chose Philippians 1:9.

“My prayer is that your love
 may abound more & more…” 

If you read this chapter you learn that the verse is not talking about a husband & a wife, but rather the verse is talking about falling more in love with Christ and His teachings. By falling more in love with our Heavenly Father one naturally yearns to do His good and perfect Will.


My Husband explained to me that he chose this verse for us because he believed that if we continue falling more in love with God, we will better fulfill our roles as husband & wife, and ultimately will fall more in love with one another. (Let’s be honest, what is more attractive then a spouse who is zealously pursuing the Lord?). The verse is also a great standard to live our lives by. When making decisions my Husband and I ask one another if our choice is going to help our love abound or if our choice is going to hinder the opportunity for love to grow. We even got “Philippians 1:9” engraved on our wedding bands which allows us to have the constant reminder of both the promise we made to one another and our prayer for one another.

So now part of our daily prayer together is that our love for the Lord, our love for others, and our love for each other may abound more and more.

Do you have a life verse or a verse that represents your relationship?
I would love to hear it!

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11 thoughts on “Abounding Love

    • Couldn’t agree more! I was looking for a fun way to wear my wedding dress again & came across your picture and another picture on pinterest! {Don’t you love how pinterest makes the world so much smaller?} Looked like the perfect excuse to bring out the dress again! And love the location our photographer chose! Thanks for being part of the inspiration! You’re engagement shoot photos are beautiful! Be blessed Christina!

  1. Love this! 🙂 Good, solid truth. We love because He loved us first. The more we grow in that knowledge, the more we see our relationships deepen and grow, I think.

  2. Love this! My husband and my verse is 1 John 4:7
    “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”
    Love the reasoning behind your choice! Well done to your husband!

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