2 Ingredient Healthy Cookies

2 ingredient cookies BBB

Simply writing thinking about writing this post I began craving these delicious treats! That’s how good they are! They are incredible right out of the oven. If you know me then you know that I enjoy eating healthy… But I enjoy desserts even more. So here is a safe dessert that you don’t even have to feel bad about enjoying! These cookies are the perfect treat to pair up with your English tea. And if you have a few left over then you can just heat them in a microwave and have them for breakfast the next morning! Does it get any easier?

Oh, and I added blueberries to mine. But you could add chocolate chips, coconut, walnuts, raisins or whatever your heart desires! Let me know if you try something different!

my PG Tips tea & treat

my PG Tips tea & treat {it tastes better than it looks I promise!}and the Husbands chocolate chip cookies & milk- yes, that IS a batman cup ;)and the Husbands chocolate chip cookies & milk- yes, that IS a batman cup 😉

While my Husband did like the healthy cookies, he likes my chocolate chip cookies more. If I can get family permission to share the “family” recipe, that recipe might have to come later. I have yet to find better chocolate chip cookies.

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10 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Healthy Cookies

      • First, I need to say that I have a sweet-tooth the size of New Jersey. Cookies without sugar is wrong on so many levels. But, I made the mashed banana and oatmeal cookies and they weren’t bad. I did add chopped craisins so that did put in some sugar. Will this become a favorite cookie?? Probably not, but it was a fun experiment.

        • Glad to hear I am not alone in the sweet-tooth category! Excited that you tried them! You are right -they are definitely not as good as cookies, but are great when really trying to cut out sugar. I’ll have to try adding craisins next time! Thanks for the tip!
          Be blessed!

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