Based on Truth



Last week at the Institute we studied situational ethics. Can you think of a more important lesson for those going out into the business world? We looked at situations that we will experience in the future and discussed/debated how we, as Christians, need to handle these situations.  We found that the answer to every situation was founded on integrity. In order to best handle each situation we needed to make sure that our answer was founded on truth. And not just any truth, the Truth. God’s Word is the only truth that we have. We must know Truth. We must study Truth. We must be founded in Truth. If I believe that the Word is true, then it has to affect my actions, my beliefs and my decisions. For every situation I need Scripture to back up my beliefs or decisions. I need scripture so that I don’t just think or just feel like something is true, but rather so that I believe something is true. We must accurately handle the Word, the Truth.

Are you ethically handling situations?

Are your ethics based on Truth? 


I LOVE hearing from you! Your comments bless my more than you know :)

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