Tea Time with Alice



Good morning! I hope that your day is off to a wonderful start and that you have already had (or are currently making/sipping) your morning drink of choice (mine this morning was green chia tea. In fact I am already on my second cup!). While coffee is traditionally my go to in the morning, this morning I was reminiscing on my Husband and my most recent trip to the lovely city of NYC and some of my new favorite places there. On this trip my mother introduced me to one of my new New York stapes, Alice’s Tea Cup. The larger (more touristy) location is on the Upper East Side. My mom stumbled upon the more intimate location on the Upper West Side near her apartment and instantly knew she would have to take me there!

If you love tea, this place is a MUST GO! Not only do they have the most incredible tea selection, their food was to die for- and decently healthy! Oh, and of course you cannot have tea without some type of sweet or dessert! So naturally, my Husband ordered the chocolate buttercream cake which tasted even better than it looks! I only took a couple of pictures (still working on my photography skills… and I have officially decided I need an actual camera- iPhones just don’t quite cut it) and the pictures don’t come close to doing this place justice. It’s adorable. And you might be lucky like us and be seated near families from England. It was as though we were there. My Husband even started bringing out his (country) English accent 😉 It was quite entertaining.

Each seat is set with a tea cup and every one is unique!

Each seat is set with a tea-cup & saucer and each one is unique! And everyone gets their own colorful teapot!

Mother, Husband & Myself

Mother, Husband & Myself

My handsome man and his treats

My handsome man and his treats


6 thoughts on “Tea Time with Alice

  1. Mom and I are having tea at the airport while waiting for a flight that is very delayed. Somehow I do not believe it is quite the same experience as Alice’s.

    • You are right- probably not compatible. But at least you have room in your Texas home to have a plethora of different teas! And you will be back home in a week or so and can go to Alice’s!

  2. I agree with the Iphone’s! I found one app that I like alot called Camera +. I think it was 99 cents. It helps make the pictures better, and has many editing features. I still can’t wait to get a DSLR camera. That probably wont come until we have kids or a dog and I have an excuse to take pictures of important things.

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