Day 6- Taking Shots

Apple Cider Vinegar Beyond Blessed Blog

Bragg is my favorite brand because it is organic and comes from a Christian company. And my in-laws recommended it!

Today is day 6 of Husband and my eat clean/get fit regimen and we are feeling great! We have begun starting each day taking shots together. No, not your normal type of shots, but rather shots of apple cider vinegar. My in-laws introduced me to apple cider vinegar at Christmas and ever since then I have seen it everywhere. So before starting our health kick I pulled up information on ACV to see if the awful taste is actually worth it. And sure enough, there are a plethora of health benefits! The back label of the bottle (and just about every blog) recommends mixing it with water and stevia so yesterday I decided to drink it in that form rather than in shot form- definitely sticking with the shots. Mixing it with water only dilutes the flavor a little and prolongs the amount of time you must spend drinking it. Any suggestions on better tasting recipes for this drink? Some people absolutely love it… I’m working towards enjoying it… slowly (ha).  So I guess Cheers! Who wants to get healthy and take shots with me? 😉

Here are some of the health benefits I found {I am no doctor, I simply found these from a couple of websites}

Helps prevent flu & stomach illness
Dissolves kidney stones
Regulates pH balance in body
Helps relieve naseau
Helps relieve hear burn & chronic reflux
Helps relieve asthma
Helps relieve allergies
Helps relieve gout
Helps lower glucose levels in diabetes
Helps weight loss by curbing appetite & breaking down fat
Helps relieve migraines
Helps relieve sinus pressure & infection
Lowers blood pressureLowers cholesterol
Reduces inflammation, relieves arthritis
Conditions & detangles hair
Gets rid of nail fungus
Works well to clear up fungal, bacteria rash
Soothes bug bites
Gets rid of warts
Helps reduce/prevent acne
Helps cramps
Relieves tiredness

6 thoughts on “Day 6- Taking Shots

  1. I mix it with pineapple juice! I get the Dole canned pineapple juice. I’ll put about 3/4- 1 cup pineapple juice and 1-2 tablespoons ACV and that helps with the taste! I also like to put it in smoothies!

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