My 2 Valentines

my prayer beyond blessed blog

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I just feel blessed and overwhelmed with God’s love. I know that today we focus primarily on our earthly relationships, but the truth is, if it weren’t for God’s love, my husband and I would not share such a beautiful earthly love.  The only reason that I am able to love is because I understand how much my Heavenly Father loves me. (Okay, I will never actually understand how much He loves me…. But He has given me a glimpse of His unconditional love). He is the ultimate example of love.

So rather than focusing on the gifts that we give each other, the flowers, the cards, or the feelings we share today, I want to focus on God’s perfect example of love. I want to focus on the fact that He is the center of our relationship and that we are beyond blessed.

Because of His love I have been blessed with a man that has captivated my heart, who encourages me in my walk with Him, and who loves and encourages me in ways that I thought I could only dream of. Over the past couple of years the Lord has taught me so much about love through him and I cannot wait to see how much more we will learn in the years to come!

Have a blessed day!


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