A Couple Details

Words cannot convey my thankfulness to the plethora of individuals who made our Big Day possible and special. While we did hire someone to figure out all the details of our wedding, my mom and I still managed to add in quite a few DIY projects. Not all the items below are DIY, but some are. Under the photos I will tell you a little bit about how I made some of these items- just in case any of you are planning a wedding or a fun event. There are SO many other details that made our day special. But in order to share them all I would have to write about 10 posts… probably more. So we will just leave it at these few.


We had the sunglasses made with our names and anniversary on them since our ceremony was outside. Just for fun ūüôā
But my mom and I did make all of the ceremony fans. On PowerPoint I designed the back of the fan. On half the page I designed a layout that lists the parents, the wedding party, the minister, other important people/information, and a short little thank you. On the other half I put one of our engagement pictures. I had them printed at Office Depot. To make the fan we simply folded the page in half, added¬†a little¬†glue, cup off excess borders, rounded the edges, and added little bows to each. The process was easy, just very time consuming. Imagine doing this process to 200 fans… Let’s just say we watched a lot of wedding movies together. ūüėČ But we thought¬†the end product¬†was definitely worth it.


This was super easy to make and super cheap. And I love it. We ordered an engineer print from Office Depot (roughly $8). Engineer prints¬†are black and white prints and come in various sizes. We ordered a 36×48.¬†We used purple as our contrast color since that was our main wedding color¬†. Again using PowerPoint, I made little triangle flags and printed a persons name¬†and table number on each one. I then just cut each on out with scissors. We attached a burlap twine to the frame to¬†create different rows. We then just folded the flags in half and hung each one in alphabetical order by last name! (And it was really easy to change any last minute guests/changes.)

We event have this print hanging in our house now! (Obviously we removed the twine.) You could even have guests sign where they removed their names if you want!


If you haven’t guessed already, PowerPoint was my best friend when it comes to DIY. We combined the menu and name for seat assignments into one. The menu for each seat is the same, but the name varied. We printed them out on purple paper, used a circle cutter so we had perfect circles, and glued in the center of a doily. Place them on a gold charger and you are good to go! Again, I loved it ūüôā


Since our wedding was at a rustic lodge, I figured these were perfect to hang behind our chairs. I bought the tree sliver at Hobby Lobby. I then painted Mr & Mrs on them with a stencil (also purchased at Hobby Lobby). After that dried I stained the wood (wood stain from Home Depot). My brother drilled two holes so I could put lace ribbon through to hang them from.


One day while my mother and I were looking on etsy at cake stands my brother had a few friends over. One of his friends, Steven- who is also like a brother to me, saw what we were about to order and asked if he could try to make it before we purchased it. Of course we said yes! It would make the piece even more special! We ended up calling a company that clears unwanted trees from properties and asked if they had any wood stumps the size we needed. They invited me to come down and pick out my own pieces. They cut exactly what I needed for me and gave it to us for free. I then gave it to Steven who began burning our names and wedding date into the wood. He stenciled it out and it looks BEAUTIFUL! They look even more gorgeous in person. (Yes we have two.) And we had the most delicious cakes you have ever had (not exaggerating) placed neatly on top. Does it get any more perfect?


The bought the  same tree sliver I used for the Mr & Mrs to make signs for around the wedding. I just painted them with chalk board paint. I forgot to write on them prior to the wedding- oops! Praise the Lord for wedding planners!

We ordered the ‘A’ on etsy.

The cake knife is borrowed from my parents from their wedding in 1987.

The garter is borrowed from my grandmother from 1950!




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