Wedding Decor

Last night Caleb and I spent some quality time cleaning and reorganizing our room and it made me realize that we are in desperate need of some “home-y” touches. I began wishing that we had some of the gifts and décor from our wedding. One of the things that I am excited to use when we have an actual home is our wood cake stand. Initially my mom and I had decided to just buy it on etsy, but my brothers friends heard of our idea and instantly offered to make it- which makes it even more special! So now not only did we have a beautiful, meaningful cake stand, but it will also stand as a beautiful piece of decoration in our home! (They actually made us two!!) Between candles and flowers, the options are endless! Any fun suggestions on how you would decorate with it? (Thank you for all of your help boys!! Couldn’t have done it without you!)


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3 thoughts on “Wedding Decor

  1. I like the idea of flowers and a candle! I bet yours will be even prettier since the tree trunk is larger! Please post pictures when you have set it up!

    Oh, and where did you get the wood materials and everything to make it? I want one!

    • Thank you Brittany! That is what I am leading towards too! Maybe some peonies or even my dried bouquet and the unity candle from our ceremony.

      And we went to a tree trimming company and told them the size of trunk we were looking for. They gladly gave us their cut extras. We got three 20 inch diameter pieces and three 4 diameter pieces. We used three of the 4 diameter pieces as legs for one of the large stands and left the other one flat. The boys went to Lowes and bought polyurethane, wood stain and wood glue. One of the boys also had a wood burning kit, which is how he engraved our names and date! Good luck- let me know if you need more information 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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