The Next Big Thing

It’s official. I gave in. Never in a million years did I think that I would jump on the bandwagon of a company spread purely by individuals. But here I am, completely sold and excited about Solavei. Not only am I sold, after watching the video I became quite excited and almost passionate about this upcoming company! As a young adult who is a huge fan of Dave Ramsey and is a recent college graduate about to get married, I am all about saving money. My soon to be cousin in law introduced me to Solavei just recently. I currently am an avid iPhone user who loves having my work and life emails sent directly to my phone (let’s be honest, I also fully enjoy the social media apps as well). Up until learning about this new company I had seriously thought about down-grading my phone service to save some money so Caleb and I may pay off any dept. But with this new service not only can we have unlimited talk, text and data for $49.99 a month, but we also have the opportunity to make money and earn money back with it. I figure, I have to have a phone bill anyways… so I may as well have a plan that can earn me money and rewards! I would attempt to explain the whole company but will not do it justice, so watch this video here or another video here. (The second video is shorter but both are very well worth watching). The password for both is “Solavei.” I think you will get just as excited as I am! Comment or email me at for more information! Below is a bit about the phone service… This does not even begin to explain the financial benefits! The people and companies who have jumped on board and support this company are enough to impress you. Solavei has been labeled the “next big thing since Facebook.” Don’t you want to be one of the first?

Solavei Mobile Service Overview

Solavei provides $49 per month Unlimited Voice, Text and Data 4G Nationwide contract-free wireless service. See each section below for details.

Unlimited Voice, Text and Data

Free Services

Add-On Services

Services Coming Soon

Unlimited Voice, Text and Data

Unlimited Voice includes unlimited incoming calls along with unlimited outgoing calls to any domestic U.S phone number when inside the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).

Unlimited Text includes unlimited incoming text messages along with unlimited outgoing texts to any domestic or international mobile number when inside the U.S. Unlimited texting also includes picture and video messages anywhere in the U.S. (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).

Unlimited Data within the U.S., keeps you free from overages while sharing Solavei in the community, on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else. No additional charges regardless of the amount of data used. Data speeds will reduce when the amount of data used exceeds 4GBs or when roaming domestically off of the Solavei network. Speeds reduce to a 2G data experience in these situations (includes Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands).

Included Services

3-Way Conference Calling supports conference calling with 2 additional lines for a 3-way discussion.

411 is a free service that provides address and phone number look up.

Call Forwarding allows members to forward all calls to voicemail.

Caller ID displays the phone number calling. When the phone number is pre-programmed into the phone’s contact list the phone will display the pre-programmed name.

Call Waiting alerts you when on an active phone call that another incoming call is coming in. Call waiting provides the ability to place the current call on hold and answer the new incoming call.

Voicemail provides standard voicemail services with the ability for callers to leave a voicemail and for members to retrieve voicemails.

Add-On Services

International Long Distance will be available as a ‘Pay As You Go’ add on service in $10 increments.

◦ The plan enables calling to landline and mobile numbers in over 200 countries at competitive rates with other International Long Distance card providers and much cheaper rates overall than with mobile carriers in the U.S.

◦ A list of countries and pay as you go per minute rates will be available shortly.

Future Services – Coming Post Nationwide

◦ The following services will be available post our Nationwide Launch:

▪ WiFi Calling

▪ Visual Voicemail

▪ International Roaming

◦ While these services are not immediately available from Solavei directly, options are available in the market to still meet your needs.

◦ The Android Market offers thousands of additional services for free that can be leveraged to meet your needs. For example:

▪ WiFi Calling: Free Google+ app supports unlimited WiFi calling over a data connection

▪ Visual Voicemail: Free Visual Voicemail Plus and Free YouMail Visual Voicemail provide a visual voicemail option

◦ International Roaming: With your Solavei unlocked GSM phone you can take your phone internationally and insert an international prepaid SIM card local to the country you are visiting. Pay only for what you need and never worry about surprise roaming costs!


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