Adventure 2

As most of you know by now, Caleb and my wedding is next month! Although almost every detail is completed, I had yet to even really think about a veil.  So while my mother and I were walking through and enjoying the streets of Manhattan we began talking about our options. Not long after this discussion began I realized that we were very close to the building I had interned in three summers before- so naturally we headed that direction so I could reminisce. As we approached my building we passed one of my favorite stores. This store is a famous beads, trim, lace and buttons shop called M&J Trimming. Instantly we were inspired. My mother (along with the help of some friends and family) had made her veil for her wedding and now we thought that it might be fun to make mine as well. We must have gone in to at least 20 different lace, trim, ribbon and fabric stores. They had everything from plain white (and beautiful black) lace to lace with pearls and Swarovski crystals. After having spent a couple of hours looking at different laces we knew exactly what we wanted. After we had come to this conclusion we came across a store that specializes in veils. We ultimately decided that by ordering through them we would get the best of both worlds- our custom choices & no worries that we may mess it up. We told them exactly which French lace we had liked the most and chose every detail. So it almost feels like we made it- almost (ha). But this adventure did remind me of the days when I thought I was destined to be a designer and live in Manhattan. What girl wouldn’t love scouring through stores like this?

A very little glimpse of the lace in one store. Most stores don’t allow photos to be taken of their nice lace

In the bridal salon at M&J


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