Welcome July!


Happy first of July and happy Sunday! I love July for so many reasons- but this year I have a couple of extra reasons.  I am beyond happy that my wonderful, inspiring, sweet little (okay, he’s not so little anymore) brother was born on the third, my loving parents wedding anniversary is on the 11th, America celebrates its independence on the fourth and the suns warmth shines down on us every day. But I have decided that July is going to be an even better month this year because I am going to make it a month to get things accomplished.

It is the first of the month and it is a Sunday. So it is the perfect time to start out the month on a clean slate. Start the month by going to church (or at least spend some time in the Word), spend some time outside, choose a new activity that you want to try, set a goal, eat well, get organized… the options are endless.

Caleb and my wedding is next month, so it is crunch time. While I have been loving the tastes of New York, my body is starting to feel it (I guess walking everywhere just isn’t enough). So, starting today I am going to be much more intentional. July is going to be my month! You can make it yours too! Make a list off all the things you want to accomplish this month. Then figure out what you must do to accomplish these things. Finally, figure out what this looks like in your daily routine. Implement it!

2 thoughts on “Welcome July!

  1. Wow–It isn’t very long now, after all of the planning, waiting & now it is right around the corner. It is almost FINISH TIME. Those last minute things really crop up. What a lovely picture of Valerie & Robert Budd’s Wedding picture with their attendants. That will be 25 years of Happy Married life for them on July 11, 2012. What a wonderful time in their lives to have their daughter Chloe’ marrying Caleb i Arnold in August 24, 2012 . Our Very Best Wishes for THE ENTIRE BUDD FAMILY ON THIS VERY HAPPY YEAR OF 2012. God Bless all pf you.
    Grandma & Grandpa Thomas

    • Wahoo! Thank you Grandma for always being so encouraging, inspiring and loving. Praise the Lord our big day is almost here!!! Caleb & I are so blessed to have so many wonderful examples of what it looks like to be in a godly marriage. Not too far off you will be celebrating 65 years! And 2012 is not only exciting for the Budds, but ALL of your daughters families! So congratulations to YOU and Grandpa for raising such a wonderful family! We all love you both very much!

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