Kick Start

The wedding is officially 59 days away and I am more ready than ever!! I just returned from visiting Caleb at Kanakuk’s K-West Kamp near Branson and am inspired, refocused and  rejuvenated. The Lord’s presence is so obvious there and I love getting to see how the God is working in my old kampers lives. However, upon leaving kamp I realized that I need to kick start my routine. I have decided that I am in desperate need of a good detox so that I may begin each day and end each day feeling successful. (A blogger I follow also recently did a post about detoxing which helped spur this desire to detox). So while I am home for the next couple of days I plan on eating mostly vegan meals and enjoying Herbalife shakes (Caleb and my newest obsession). Then, in a couple of days I leave for New York City to visit my parents in their new home and will attempt sticking to a fruits/veggies diet.  Oh I cannot wait to run in the West Village by the Hudson River again! When I interned in NYC a couple of summers ago this was my favorite way to have “me” time after work.

Anyone know of some fun, healthy restaurants in NYC? Or have any good vegan/nutritious recipes?
What is your favorite way to detox?

Borrowed from Lululemon


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