Happy First Day of Summer!

The day is finally here!! Today officially marks the first day of summer. While normal people dread the 100 degree days that are bound to come if you live in Texas (or any of the surrounding states), I just love it! It makes jumping in the pool and days on the lake that much more lovely- and days like these make me realize what a blessing it is to have a pool and a lake so close by. So go ahead and grab a bag (bonus points if it supports a charity) and fill it with a couple of good books, some sunscreen, oversized sunglasses and a water bottle and enjoy your day! It is a great day to bask in God’s sunshine and warmth!

Just think of all the inspiring books you could read to help better yourself so YOU may go out and help others! 15 minutes of reading a day leads to almost 2 hours a week! You could learn so much!

Anyone have a suggestion for a new book to read? I’m almost done with the one I am currently reading! Or do you have a favorite bag or item that supports charity? Who doesn’t love finding something special that supports a cause?


5 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Summer!

    • I will have to go look at the Invisible Children site! Ever since my brother served over there I have such a heart for those precious children. And I will definetly go get that book! Thank you 🙂

  1. You know I love the Feed Foundation (founded by Lauren Bush) for bags, and I highly recommend “So Long, Insecurity” by Beth Moore and “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey – my favorite reads this year.

    • I love Beth Moore and Dave Ramsey but haven’t read either of those! I’ll have to pick them up! Thanks 🙂 And after seeing your pictures with the Feed bags, I may have to invest in one. They are the cutest charity bags I have seen thus far. Do they hold up well?

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