Shower of Blessings

Yesterday was the third and final shower before the wedding. Over the past couple of months Caleb and I have been showered with so many blessings and so much love! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Caleb & I over the past 20-something years and thank you to those who will continue praying for us as we begin our lives together!

Here are some fun pictures from this past shower! (I will try to post some from the Georgia & California shower soon!)

Details on the invitation response card

Branson-native Thunder Muffins, Tea Pot Cake from Jenny Layne Bakery, Flowers, Libations

For those of you who do not know, Thunder  Muffins are a staple to Branson, MO (where our wedding will be). Having gone to Kanakuk for 7 years, I was practically raised on Thunder Muffins from the Persimmon Hill Farm. So we bought the dough, brought it home and baked them fresh the morning of the shower. And I must say, they were just as good! (And just as big- they are roughly a little larger than a softball). Although there is something so wonderful about eating one at the farm after having picked a basket of blueberries and blackberries yourself!

The cake above is from the wonderful Jenny Layne Bakery! We had a little mishap with our first cake from her which initially looked something like the little picture on the left of the cake with the cupcakes surrounding it… But the talented Jenny Layne fixed it in an hour by making a new cute cake which is shown above! And I must add her cakes and cupcakes are simply divine!  I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes she made before most of them were eaten! But they resembled little tea cups!

Silverware wrapped in Napkins sealed with a “Chloé  & Caleb” sticker and Mason Jar Flower Arrangements

Rose Ice Cubes, Cucumber Water, Homemade Passion Tea Lemonade, Pomegranite-Champagne Punch (or what was left of it, I forgot to take a picture before). Almost all of the pictures were taken in the midst of or after the event… Oops! Sorry for not showing you them at their best!

Every time I go to Starbucks I always want to order the Passion Tea Lemonade simply because when you order it they write “PTL” on the cups. Yes, when I think of PTL I think “Praise the Lord.” But because of the high sugar content I am never able to get myself to order it. So at the shower there was homemade PTL- with NO sugar! I was in heaven! Here are a couple of the recipes:

 Passion Tea Lemonade (PTL)
Tazo Passion Tea
2 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice (Or more if you like it a little bit tart)
8 cups water
2 teaspoons stevia liquid concentrate
Ice cubes (freeze mint and raspberries into the ice for a little extra something)
Lemon for garnish

  • Make the lemonade (2 cups water, stevia, lemon juice)  while the tea is brewing.
  •  Added together once the tea has steeped to your desired strength.
  • Add garnish and cute ice cubes
  • Viola!

Pomegranate-Champagne Punch
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup Sugar
2 Bottles Chilled Brut Champagne (750mL) or substitute Sparkling Grape Juice/other Sparkling Libation
1 1/2 Cups White Rum (may be omitted for a non-alcoholic version)
1 1/4 Cups Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate Seeds (Amount to your liking- I think the more the better!)
Fresh Mint Leaves (Again, to your liking)
Garnished Ice Block (Can be plain, but where is the fun in that- right?)
  • Bring 1/2 cup water and sugar to boil in small saucepan, stirring until sugar dissolves. Simmer 5 minutes. (This is your syrup)
  • Combine Champagne, rum, and pomegranate juice in punch bowl. Add syrup to sweeten to your liking.
  • Mix in lemon slices, pomegranate seeds, and mint leaves.
  • Add garnished ice block to bowl.
  • Amusez-vous bien! (“Enjoy yourself”… I remember very little French)

Garnished Ice Cubes
Ice Cube Trays (regular shaped and fun shaped, such as the hearts shown above)
Or any other desired fruit/decoration (Just make sure that it is nontoxic)

  • Fill pot with water.
  • Bring to a boil. Then let cool.
  • Bring to a boil again. Let cool again.
  • Pour into trays and add decoration.
    (This process prevents the ice cubes from being cloudy from minerals and air bubbles.)

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