Power Notes

My parents have taught me a plethora of wonderful lessons over my last 20-something years of life. One of the lessons that never ceases to surprise me is the power of a hand-written thank you note.

My mother’s mom taught charm school and my father’s dad was a Chief Warrant Officer Number 4.  So needless to say, both of my parents were raised knowing how important it was to respect others and to show others your gratitude (especially with hand written thank you notes). Naturally, this life lesson has been handed down to my brother and me. And now I truly love writing thank you notes- plus, who doesn’t enjoy getting an old-fashion letter in the mail? It shows that you thought were thought about and they took the time to write you a sweet note.

The book I am reading by Cliff Michaels might as well have a whole chapter on thank you notes- it is somewhat of a reoccurring theme. He writes them for everything- from meetings, to referrals, to suggestions, etc. Often times he even includes gift baskets! Although this book did not introduce me to the idea of writing thank you notes frequently, he did state that he has one cardinal rule (which I may have to borrow)-

“Never leave your desk until you’ve written 5 thank-you notes per day.”

What a great suggestion!

“Give thanks in all circumstances…” 1 Thessalonians 5:18


2 thoughts on “Power Notes

  1. I taught Andrew and Katie the importance of thank you notes even before they could write on their own. (the early ones were written in crayon) They still write them to this day.

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