Qualities for Success

I am back again with more interesting ideas and new insights on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. For those of you who missed a couple of my previous posts about the book I am reading, I am currently in the middle of Cliff Michael’s  “4 Essentials: What Successful People Didn’t Learn in School.”

I have begun writing a plethora of posts about some of my favorite ideas that he has presented in this book, but ultimately decided not to post them because they were just far too long. The posts would have been just as long as the chapters in his book- and who wants to read long blog posts?  So instead of drawing this post out any more I am simply going to present the survey and results that spurred Michael to begin his journey and adventure to become an entrepreneur.

He asked all types of professionals- from CEO’s to athletes to artists to educators to rank factors they would use to evaluate employees and entrepreneurs alike. Ultimately, he was looking for the common threads to success in life and business.

He learned that while grades and graduate degrees were of high importance… passion, experience and work ethics ranked higher. But above all, the most relevant and important values ranked were integrity, humility, respect and gratitude.


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