With a new year comes new resolutions. At this time of year we each look ahead at the opportunities to come in 2012 and examine our lives in 2011. As I have mentioned before, my 2012 will be filled with a lot of change. So when I began thinking about my new years resolutions I realized that it was time for me to start praying about what book in the Bible I wanted to begin my year with (I’m starting in 1 Corinthians, for those who are curious).

For me one of the most difficult parts about reading the Bible is figuring out where to start and how I would like study the Word. Recently I read Goeff Ashley’s blog about Bible Reading Plans which discusses just this. So, as it is still the beginning of the year I decided to share part of it. Let’s start our mornings out right in 2012! Enjoy!

In pursuing more frequent and purposeful reading, here are a few thoughts:


  1. There is no “right” reading plan. Some people like to read from different sections of the Bible each day (Old Testament narrative, Old Testament poetry, Prophets, Gospels, Epistles, etc.), others prefer to stay in one book. Everyone is different. That is why I want to reference multiple plans rather than simply recommending one particular plan. Check out the various options. Experiment until you find one (whether one listed below or not) that works for you.
  2. Read, study, memorize, and meditate. Not one or the other, but all of the above.
  3. Reading is not the goal; beware of the tendency to make reading the end as if you have done your daily duty when you rise from your chair. Seeing, knowing, loving, and obeying Christ is the goal of all study.
  4. If you fall behind, just keep running. Don’t give up or give in to condemnation.
  5. It will take work and discipline. Think strategically. Be intentional. Saints with more kids, longer hours at more demanding jobs, more debilitating illnesses, less technological resources, greater financial, physical, and environmental hardships, less education, and more responsibilities have read the Bible.1
  6. Listen to the audio of the How to Study the Bible seminar for some more helpful hints – “tools, not rules” as we say.

I LOVE hearing from you! Your comments bless my more than you know :)

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