High Expectations

There really is something so inspiring about a person with a “childlike” faith. Tonight I was blessed with the opportunity to have a conversation with a freshman girl about life, school and faith. What I found to be truly inspiring was her pure passion for and yearning for the Lord.

This girl had been raised attending a private Christian school in Texas for most of her life, so it is safe to say she has been sheltered. She explained how she understood that upon coming to college her eyes would be opened to the “real” world and how she was somewhat taken aback by what she really found. Yes, the private school she grew up attending did have the occasional rebel; but for the most part the kids had either a deep understanding of or a zealous love for the Lord.

She continued by telling me stories about the “godly-Christian” girls she has come in contact with in college and how while they do try their best to live according to God’s commands, they seem to do it out of habit or because it is what is expected– not because they love our Lord so much that they want to live in such a way. This is not the kind of faith she yearns for.

I left the conversation so excited and so happy for her. What a blessing it is that she came into college knowing who she is, what she wants and what she stands for. Not only is it a blessing for her, but also tonight it was a blessing for me. She blessed me because of her expectations. She yearns to be surrounded by godly women who truly fear the Lord and will encourage her in her walk with Him and she holds herself to these same standards. Not only does she yearn for this, but she expects Christian women to live in such a way. She has such high expectations as to how a Christian should live. Which in reality, we all should have these high expectations. But as we grow up we are corrupted and we begin to believe these expectations are less realistic and sometimes we even lose sight of them. That is why a “childlike” faith is so inspiring.

This made me wonder… What does my faith look like? Just because we refer to this faith as being “childlike” does not mean that only children can have this type of faith.

Which category do you fall under?

“Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”
{Matthew 18:4}


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