Say Cheese :) Wedding Bliss

I cannot wait to be a Mrs! Today is one of those days where I seem to find myself staring at my school book and pretending to be interested while in reality my mind is dreaming about the day that Caleb and I will be married and we can be sitting next to each other while studying and doing homework for graduate school.

During this day dreaming I began thinking back on the meetings my mom and I had in Branson with the photographers. Every single one of the photographers we met with suggested we do the “first  look”  to relax us both so that we may better enjoy the day and so that we may take a bunch of cute photos together prior to the wedding ceremony in various locations. This also would mean that our guests wouldn’t have to wait as long for us to return. Prior to this weekend I was 100% set on us not seeing each other before the ceremony, but now I seem to be torn.

In general I tend to be pretty old fashioned and like the idea of the first look being as the doors open and the bride walks down the aisle. My soon to be cousin-in-law Katie told me that the moment her and Nate first saw each other as she walked down the aisle was one of the most magical moments of their day. I also love the photo’s of the bride and groom not speaking and not seeing each other while holding hands on opposing sides of a door. How sweet are these pictures? The pure excitement and anticipation! I love the idea of exchanging letters (as Katie and Nate did below) while in this position as well and reading them but not getting to actually speak! I get excited just thinking about it! (Check out Katie’s blog here. She is always posting inspiring and wonderfully fun things worth reading!)

Swoon. How wonderful is this shot?

Love the exchanging of letters rather than gifts

Seriously, how cute? And you still get the traditional magic moment as you walk down the aisle!

But after talking with the photographers I am starting to (surprisingly) lean towards seeing each other. As my mom and I were driving to the wedding that the wedding planner invited us to we drove past the bride, groom and wedding party taking some of the cutest pictures in fun locations prior to the ceremony. Not only do I love that we would get to take these photos (while the sun is still up) and without being rushed, but I love the idea that Caleb and I can sit together and pray together prior to the ceremony. Our last time to pray together as an engaged couple 🙂

Holly and Jon’s photos may have also made me love the idea of the first look ❤ How precious are they? (Check out the photographers blog to read more about their wedding and see more photos- seriously, best photographer blog post ever)

Notice the parents peaking through the windows as she walks down the aisle

How can you not love this?

This is the sweetest!

Caleb and I have some decisions to make… What are your thoughts or suggestions? Or do you have any other photo ideas?

4 thoughts on “Say Cheese :) Wedding Bliss

  1. I love the idea of the first look. I know several couples that have done that, and they all loved it. And, like you said, the best part is that you get to take all the awesome pictures before the ceremony. I think it’s just a matter of changing your perception of the when the first look should be. You would still get that moment when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. It just wouldn’t be in front of everyone. I do wonder though whether taking all the pictures together before the ceremony kind of ruins the magic of the day since it’s kind of all business while you’re taking pictures. I guess there are pros and cons either way. Love you Chloe!

  2. Thanks Taylor! You are right, it still is a magical moment- wether it is in front of people or not. And I love taking pictures so it won’t quite be work! You should be receiving your save the date soon!! 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful! When it comes down to making the final decision I feel like you and Caleb will both come to the perfect agreement. Do what I alwasy recommend!! Make A LIST!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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