Mother/Daughter Wedding Weekend

The past two weeks have been crazy! One week was crazy due to school and this past week was crazy in a sense that we got a lot of wedding details and vendors planned! While technically Caleb and I have 11 months until our wedding, we have to have everything planned before we leave for Kamp in May due to the fact that we won’t have cell phones or internet for 3 months and finish Kamp just a of couple weeks before our wedding… We are crazy, we are aware. Luckily Kamp is in Branson!

Anyways, last weekend our wedding planner invited us to visit one of her weddings that was held in the same room that our wedding will be in. It was beautiful and the bride and groom were a stunning and so in love. It was precious. They went for a more casual feel then ours will be however. While my mother and I were in Branson we drove up to Springfield to meet with some of the vendors our planner recommended- 6 photographers, 3 florists, our DJ company (to choose our specific DJ), videographer, an invitation company and other miscellaneous things. Needless to say, we were on wedding overload. I was never the girl who grew up dreaming about her wedding, but now that I have found my prince charming I can’t help but dream about the day! 🙂

By the end of the weekend we officially figured out our photographer (which we thought we had figured out months ago- tip for brides with long engagements… don’t book anything right away, visions/styles change Ha) and are beyond excited about working with him! We also officially decided on our florist! She is even the florist who did the wedding that we got to see on Saturday. Her work is beautiful!  While meeting with all the different vendors we also kept hearing a specific DJ’s name come up over and over again, so that decision was easy to make as well- and we loved him in person, very outgoing and even went to seminary… random? One of the details that I was not to concerned about was the invitation, but my parents kept reminding me “a party begins with the invitation.” But as we began our meeting with the invitation company I quickly became excited and  even found a way to include my moms “classic invitation style” into the new modern invitations. We specially designed them and I can’t wait to see how the sample comes back!!

We also came up with many fun ideas, but I don’t want to share them before the big day!

330 days!!! 


I LOVE hearing from you! Your comments bless my more than you know :)

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