Year 1

Exactly one year ago this week I spent my first weekend in Norman for the OU/FSU game. Little did I know that God was going to use this short trip to change my life in more ways than one. On September 9th I flew out to Dallas where I met up with my sweet friend Lydia for our road trip up to OU (check out Lydia’s blog here). My mom, dad and brother also made a road trip up this same weekend since Cameron had already received his acceptance letter to OU. Lydia and I spent the weekend having a mini-kamp reunion with all of our OU K-West family. We toured the campus and just explored.  It was beautiful. After a wonderful weekend (and a sad loss by FSU) Lydia and I returned to Dallas.

On September 11th I began my trip home to Tallahassee. Initially I was bummed that I had a layover in Atlanta but then Caleb told me he would make the two hour trip down to the airport to visit me. We had spoken/texted everyday but this was going to be our first time to actually see each other since leaving kamp- which was over a month prior.  If I am being completely honest I was so nervous/excited that I had butterflies! I had no idea how this meeting was going to go. After a couple hours of goofing off and having fun I boarded my flight and returned to Tallahassee. Then on September 13th (one year ago today) we officially started dating, then six months later became engaged and in 346 days we will be getting married! He has been such a blessing, leader, encourager and best friend over this past year.

Later that week I was on the phone with my dad and we were talking about how much I had loved OU and wished I had applied there. He responded by telling to me apply and transfer. At first I disregarded this idea but as the week continued I decided to give it a shot. Three months later I transferred and became an official Sooner! It has been a year of wonderful and unexpected blessings!

This weekend OU and FSU are playing each other… Who am I supposed to root for this weekend- OU or FSU?
I’m thinking it’s a win-win situation for me



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