Training for a Half Marathon

The weather is finally cooling down in Oklahoma which means we can officially start running outside without worrying about having a heat stroke-PTL! I have never really been a devout runner (or really a runner at all) but for some reason I have always wanted to run a half marathon and it is on my bucket list.

While spending some time in California my parents and I noticed how fit everyone was and how many people ran on the boardwalk each day. After watching all the runners I decided it was time to start training. Ironically, the same day I decided to start training Caleb called me and suggested we sign up together for the Disney World half marathon in January.

How fun are their tutus?

In a way I feel as though training for this half marathon will “kill two birds with one stone”- we get to check something off of the bucket list and get fit for our wedding-only 352 days away! But who’s counting? 😉

While running I like to listen to a podcast- do you have a favorite church or a few favorite churches you like to listen to? I’d love suggestions! Or what do you like to do while running?

As a kind of “accountability” I am going to try posting my running status as the countdown begins!

Training Day 1 -(I warned you I don’t run- but you have to start somewhere, right?)
Ran 1 mile, walked 1 mile, Ran 1 mile, walked 1 mile.

How funny is this glass slipper running shoe?


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