Two Words to Live by

Isn’t it funny how on some days 24 hours end too soon and on other days 24 hours just won’t end soon enough? One thing that I have learned this summer is how quickly time flies by. At the beginning of this summer I came up with a “to-do” list of things I wanted to accomplish before returning to Norman to finish up school. Well, we are almost finished with July and I can’t seem to figure out where all the time went.

When the summer began I planned to finish summer classes, work, spend a lot of time studying the Bible, play “tourist” in Dallas and experience new things about the city, get further on wedding plans, read my book list, make a few trips up to Branson and many other things. Although I did accomplish a lot, there are still many things I wish I had made time to complete.

Upon realizing this I began to ponder just how little time we have here on the earth. God gave us a certain amount of years to make an impact. It breaks my heart looking at my past and realizing how many opportunities I have missed to share God’s love with others.

At the end of last summer I decided to live each day by two words “Intentional” and “Choice“. I chose “intentional” because it reminds me to be intentional in every aspect of my life. We have the chance to be intentional about sharing and living by faith, intentional with our time with family and friends,  intentional at work and about our work, intentional at school and with our school… the list goes on and on. I chose “choice” because each day is a choice. Each day we have the choice to live for God or ourselves, the choice to be optimistic or pessimistic, the choice to be successful or not… everything in life is a choice. In my old apartment I had these two words hanging on my wall to remind me each morning of the choices I had. Since I moved I have began to forget about these two words. Well I am finally implementing them back into my life starting now! It is time to start reorganizing my priorities, time, choices and intentions!

2 thoughts on “Two Words to Live by

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