Mini Cotillions

Have you ever thought you were born in the wrong era? Or watched a movie like “Gone with the Wind” or “Pride & Prejudice” and wish we still wore those beautiful dresses and dressed up as if each day was a special event? Call me crazy, but I do! To me, those days just seemed classy.

My mother received a “Guide to Etiquette in the 1960’s” in the mail from her sorority and I just had to share some of what it said.

•    Levis, dungarees, slacks and pedal pushers may not be worn at dinner, downtown, or to classes. The only exceptions are for special occasions or to certain classes that require them.
•    Do not answer the door if you do not have on a dress or slacks.
•    Only wear earrings with heels. Rhinestones are to be worn only after six in the evening.

General Behavior:
•    Remember you are a lady at all times. The things you say and do reflect upon your personal reputation as well as the reputation of Sigma Kappa.
•    Remember the home is the best place to practice your social behavior.

Dining Room Etiquette:
•    No one begins eating until the housemother and table heads have started eating. All food is passed to the head of the table first.
•    If you are talking, your mouth should be empty and your hands are in your lap or used conservatively. Do not gesticulate with silver.

•    Dating is a part of college life, but only a part. Do not let it eclipse everthing else in your life. Your education comes first.
•    Watch your actions and the things you say on your dates. Remember you are reflecting the standards of Sigma Kappa as well as your own.

My grandmother was a charm school teacher for years- I can only guess what life was like growing up for her… Then she had my mom and her three sisters. Can you imagine?

Do you think we should reinstate any of these codes of conduct? What are your thoughts?


I LOVE hearing from you! Your comments bless my more than you know :)

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